Enhancing aviation safety and service
through English language proficiency

Pilots & ATCOs Pilots & ATCOs
Develop English proficiency to ICAO Level 4+ to assure air-ground communications, operational and training efficiency.
Cabin Crew Cabin Crew
Communicate more confidently with passengers and co-workers in everyday and non-standard work situations.
Maintenance Maintenance
Improve professional English skills and key vocabulary to work more efficiently and meet in-company standards.

Airport & Airline Staff Airport & Airline Staff
Develop work-related English language skills for communication in business, technical or customer service contexts.
Train-the-Trainer Train-the-Trainer
Tailored programs to enhance ELT skills and deepen understanding of how English is used within the industry.
Level Assessment Level Assessment
Objective computer-based testing and interviews to support candidate selection decisions and training needs analysis.


The aviation industry’s first choice in Asia for specialist English language training

Developing English language skills for aviation safety, service, operational and training efficiency